1949 I was borne in Copenhagen in Christianshavn. My parents come from the north of Jutland in Denmark by the North Sea, Sletterstrand and Hjortdal. It was a childhood in the big city and partly by the ocean. As young I lived in Århus and joined my first art school here.

My mother Elin Zeidler was a painter; she was much inspired by the Fareoislands-landscape. Our ancestors come from here. I too feel inspiration from this.

1975 I moved to Västra Ämtevik in Värmland and has since then lived in different parts of Sweden. Since 87 I am back in Värmland and live in Nykroppa by Hättälven and the lake Östersjön.

1988 to 2016 I worked as an art teacher in Filipstad.

To paint in oil is the major for me. – But I have worked in many different materials, - clay, silver and gold jewelry, glass, silk, gardening, film, photo, what material is available and possibly to express and work with. Mostly it is to catch and form an expression as part of life and try to make it a bit better.

2017 I became a pensioner and can now freely work with what I like. So far it has mostly been painting on silk and making jewelry, and I continue what I feel for the most: My “portraits”.